Cool Mom Kris Jenner Confesses her Love for Justin Bieber in new Selfie

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Kris' New Boyfriend
Get the 4-1-1 on Kris Jenner's new boyfriend, Corey Gamble.
Kris Jenner, Queen of the Celebrity Selfies, has added one more famous face to her ever-growing gallery: Justin Bieber.

The reality star momager shared a photo with the 20-year-old singer, kissing his ass praising him for being so wonderful.

So why, might you ask, is he so great? He performed the heroic act of letting her wear his sunglasses. (I kid you not).

“Yep, he would give you the shirt….oops I mean sunglasses, right off his back!!!” Kris captioned the sunny pic. “Thanks for the amazing Sunnies @justinbieber ….love you!!! #sweetness.”

… #sweetness.

Kris’ over-the-top kindness to the young pop star is likely due to the fact that she’s dating his manager, Corey Gamble.  Not to mention, Kris being the “cool mom” that she is, wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to show youngsters all over the world how hip she is by snappin’ a selfie with a tween icon.

Meanwhile, Bieber was spotted with another Jenner earlier in the weekend.  He joined alongside Kendall Jenner, Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid on Saturday.  Simpson took to Instagram to share a photo of the four friends, teasing a new “project” but leaving his fans with absolutely no details.

Simpson and Bieber have been spending some time in the studio together, releasing their single “Home to Mama” last Sept. Perhaps the new project involves a music video?!

Can’t wait to find out!

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