RiCaprio Report: Rihanna Wants ‘Flabbier’ Leonardo DiCaprio to Work on His Fitness

Rihanna invites DiCaprio to meet her family.
The problem: Rihanna reportedly thinks her rumored boyfriendLeonardo DiCaprio, is kind of fat.

The solution: Rihanna does DiCaprio — and all of us — a favor by releasing an album full of upbeat club bangers as a source of workout motivation. Rihanna is putting DiCaprio on a diet and training schedule.

A source tells OK! Magazine that Rihanna would like to see DiCaprio shed some pounds and firm up as he is “a lot flabbier than her usual lovers.” Giving this source credibility is the fact that, with one’s eyeballs, one can see DiCaprio’s physical form is not exactly like that of Chris Brown or Matt Kemp or even Drake.

OK!‘s source says that Rihanna has procured DiCaprio a trainer and signed up him up for martial arts classes. “She wants him to get a six-pack,” the source adds.

How does DiCaprio feel about all of this? “Leo thinks it’s all highly amusing,” the insider says. “He’s never had a girl tell him what to do, so you can imagine how much he’s loving it.”

So, how about that new album full of bangers, Rih? For your boyfriend’s health and happiness, of course.

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