This Is Why Rita Ora Will Never Write a Song About Rob Kardashian (Or Any of Her Other Famous Exes)

Rita Disses Rob
Rita Ora denies ever dating Rob Kardashian.
Rita Ora isn’t about that Taylor Swift life.

Despite having been in some high profile relationships in the past, the British singer says she will never write songs about ex-boyfriends like Rob Kardashian and Bruno Mars.


“I don’t think I care enough about them to write a song about them,” she tells the Sunday Times’ Style magazine. “I will be unleashed but I know my limits.”

Ora, 24, also explains why she recently changed the lyrics to “I Will Never Let You Down,” a song written by former beau Calvin Harris, to “I might have let you down” during a recent performance.

“I interpreted it like that because I wanted people to see I wasn’t ashamed,” she says. “It’s normal for a 23-year-old to have a failed relationship, but the difference is, there are a lot of people watching. You know, it’s life.”

Previously, the songstress told Cosmopolitan that Harris “was the right guy at the wrong time.” Ora has since been dating Tommy Hilfiger’s son, Ricky Hil, after her breakup with Harris in 2014.