Enjoy Your Monday Evening with These Photos of Ryan Gosling

Happy #ManCrushMonday!!

Okay, normally Monday’s aren’t that happy–even with a man crush–but today is different.  Today we have new photos of the ultimate man crush: the always beautiful Ryan Gosling, looking ever-so-dapper in a new suit for his upcoming movie role in The Nice Guys.

Gosling was spotted filming in Los Angeles earlier today, rocking the old school mustache he’s been growing out since filming first began in October (which we all somehow find attractive). The actor was also seen sporting a new suit and driving a convertible, sending us all into a frenzy of swooning.

And to add to all the beauty? Thinking about the fact that RyGos is a dad.  After his busy day at work he’ll be heading home to sing to his newborn baby daughter Esmeralda and continue making us wish WE were his baby mama (sorry, Eva Mendes).

But since we are not, go ahead and spend your time fantasizing by scrolling through the pphotos in the gallery above.