WATCH: Kim Kardashian Reveals How to Take the Perfect Selfie

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Kim's 'Selfish' Cover
Kim Kardashian's book cover may surprise you (or not).
Kim Kardashian is showing us all how to take the perfect selfie.

If there’s one person who knows how to take a good selfie, it’s the woman who has her own selfie book on the way. So, Kardashian is revealing her tips on how to take an amazing selfie. Check out the video to get the details!

In case you missed it, Kardashian had a T-Mobile commercial air during the Super Bowl. In the commercial, Kardashian pokes fun at herself by talking about all of the selfies she takes.

So, in addition to the commercial, Kardashian and T-Mobile decided to do a video in which the 35-year-old reality star reveals how to take the perfect selfie.

In the video, Kardashian tells the world, “If you don’t have a mirror in front of you to really figure out your pose and your angle, make sure that the lighting is amazing, because you want to blow out everything that you don’t want to see and highlight all of the good things that you do.”

To get more tips from Kardashian, watch the video above! After you check it out, let us know what you think! Did she give good advice? Sound off in the comments!