Chelsea Handler Hilariously Explains Topless Photos in ‘Elle’ Magazine

Chelsea's Nude Selfie
Chelsea Handler is leaking her own nudes.
We all know Chelsea Handler initiated a war with Instagram using her topless photos as a way to ignite conversation about female equality around the world. However, she’s never explained it quite as hilariously as this.

The 39-year-old comedienne chatted with ELLE magazine and explained the exact meaning behind her boob-baring pictures, which she insists are not at all a big deal… In fact, she doesn’t even really care what everyone else thinks about them.

“I never worry about that,” she explains to the magazine when asked whether or not she thinks people have interpreted the photos wrong. “I just try to not overthink anything. Now I’m just in a war with Instagram trying to keep my topless photos on it. Because I don’t understand why nipples are nudity. Who cares? Men can show their nipples, but if we have breasts we can’t show them? And so if you’re flat-chested are you allowed to show your nipples? Is that better? And can I show one nipple, but not two? I don’t even understand. Once somebody tells me I can’t do something I have to figure out how to do it.”

Needless to say, we can expect more nude photos from her in the future.

“I’ve had a bunch already. I’ve done a series of them and I’ll continue to do them. And just find a creative way to cover up my private parts,” she reveals. “It’s not a vagina. Yes, no one should show their vagina. But nipples? It’s ridiculous. You obviously can’t publish underage girls’ photo, but I’m in charge of what I want to do with my own body. People are following me because they want to see pictures of me. So why is Instagram editing them?”

Things like female equality and peace in Israel and Palestine — which she alluded to in one of her topless pics — are all topics she hopes to talk about and educate people on in her upcoming Netflix special without it being too serious. Her Instagram photos are just a segue into that.

“That’s what I really want to accomplish with these [Netflix] specials that I’m doing,” she explains. “You can talk about more important stuff without it being too serious. There’s a seriousness to it, of course, but I can educate myself and people who want to watch me without being heavy-handed.”

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