Robin Williams’ Children and Widow in Messy Battle Over Comedian’s Estate

Coroner's Report
Williams' death was officially ruled a suicide.
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Celebrities react to Robin Williams' passing.
Some three months after it was revealed that Robin Williams had left an estate worth around $50 million to his three children and third wife, Susan Schneider Williams, it appears that the late comedian’s family is now taking things to court.

According to the Associated Press, Schneider Williams filed papers in December 2014 in San Francisco alleging that some personal items belonging to Williams had been taken from the couple’s Tiburon home without permission.

This is the same property where Williams was found dead six months ago.

In turn, his children, Zak, 31, Zelda, 25, and Cody, 23, filed a response in January, claiming that Schneider Williams is trying to change the original trust agreement.

Through an attorney, the Williams kids assert that,

“The Williams’ children are heartbroken that Petitioner, Mr. Williams’ wife of less than three years, has acted against his wishes by challenging the plans he so carefully made for his estate.”

On Monday, a spokesman for the children told the New York Times:

“Notwithstanding Ms. Schneider Williams’s insinuations, the fact is that neither the Williams children nor any representative of theirs has been in the house or had anything taken from it since Robin Williams’s tragic death.”

As the NYT notes, both parties are fighting over memorabilia that includes the actor’s bicycles, fossils and toy collection. Schneider Williams believes that she should keep things that are “not associated with his famous persona,” including the tuxedo he wore to their 2011 wedding and other “knickknacks.”

According to the Williams children, this collection of “knickknacks” is anything but, pointing to the actor’s assortment of graphic novels, action figures, movie posters and other artifacts.

“These collections were carefully amassed by Mr. Williams over his lifetime and were precious to him. As the Williams children grew, so did their father’s collections and they shared in their father’s excitement as additions were made to his collection.”

Williams committed suicide at the age of 63 on August 11, 2014.