Conrad Hilton Loses His Sh*t on a Plane, Threatened to Kill Crew

Barron Hilton's Injuries
Barron Hilton shows of his wounds on Instagram.
“I will fucking own anyone on this flight; they are fucking peasants.”

That line was screamed by Paris Hilton’s brother Conrad Hilton during a a British Airways flight from London to LAX on July of last year.

Conrad’s hostile behavior disrupted the 10-hour flight and interfered with the performance of the flight crew’s duties. Conrad Hilton appeared in court yesterday (Feb. 03, 2015) to face the charge. If Conrad is found guilty, he is expected to serve up to 20 years in federal prison.

The case related to BA Flight 269 which took off from Heathrow on July 31 last year but details only emerged as Hilton was charged.

According to a 17-page affidavit from an FBI agent, Hilton became unruly soon after the plane took off, pacing the aisle and complaining that another passenger was giving him a “stink eye.”

He also allegedly shouted: “If you wanna square up to me bro, then bring it on and I will fucking fight you.”

At one point he went to a toilet from where the smell of marijuana began emanating, it was alleged. After being confronted by the co-pilot, he was said to have run to another toilet where he began smoking a cigarette.

He allegedly threatened to kill flight crew members, saying he would own anyone on the flight. He also allegedly threw a fist toward a flight attendant.

According to TMZ, Conrad told feds he had taken a sleeping pill before boarding the plane, which his attorney Robert Shapiro blames on the outburst. Seriously?

Sources connected with the Hiltons revealed that directly following the incident Conrad voluntarily checked into a 30-day inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program.

Hilton was released on a $100,000 unsecured bond, ordered to appear for arraignment March 5 and told to continue mental health treatment.