WATCH: Eddie Redmayne is Actually Jennifer Garner

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CREDIT: FameFlynet

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Seeing double, are we?
When one goes to an all-boys school, one will sometimes play girl parts in theater prodcutions.

For Eddie Redmayne, that experience at London’s esteemed Eton College prepared him for the ultimate role:

Looking like Jennifer Garner.

Earlier this week, Redmayne, who is up for an Oscar this year for his work in The Theory of Everything, dropped by Conan to promote another film, Jupiter Ascending.

Conan O’Brien brought up the all-boys school stuff, which prompted Redmayne to talk about the time he played a girl who gets dressed up as a boy (Viola from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night).

Perfectly taking the bait, Redmayne was then told of his uncanny resemblance to the Alias actress. Seriously, just look at those cheekbones.

Like a true gentleman, the British star said the comparison is “the greatest compliment I’ve ever had. She is a beautiful woman.”

Jupiter Ascending opens in theaters on Friday.

The 87th Academy Awards will be handed out on Feb. 22.