Keira Knightley Fakes an Orgasm, Benedict Cumberbatch Gets Wet in New ‘Vanity Fair’ Short Films

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Vanity Fair just upped their star power game tenfold.

Besides printing their annual star-studded Hollywood Issue, the publication decided to shoot an all-U.K. edition of their famous portfolio after noticing that the British invasion in Tinseltown had “gotten so out of hand.” For the first time ever, the 30-page spread was released alongside a series of short films by Jason Bell depicting famous Brits reenacting America’s greatest movie and pop culture moments.

From Keira Knightley faking an orgasm à la When Harry Met Sally to Tom Hiddleston and Felicity Jones taking a stab at 1867’s Bonnie and Clyde, more than 40 Blighty stars appeared in the clips.

Watch them all — below.