Bruce Jenner Didn’t Tell Kris He Wanted to Become a Woman

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Bruce's Mom Speaks
Bruce Jenner's mom confirms star's plans to transition.
Bruce Jenner didn’t tell Kris Jenner that he wanted to become a woman.

New reports say that Kris had no idea that Bruce wanted to transition. That is, until he sat down with his family and revealed his plans to them. Get the details below!

According to TMZ, Kris didn’t know Bruce wanted to be a woman. It sounds like he didn’t communicate with her, which was a major problem in their marriage. Kris and Bruce were married for 22 years, but they finalized their divorce in Dec. 2014.

Sources say that even though there was speculation about Bruce, he didn’t tell her anything and she didn’t ask him about it. So, when they had the family meeting, Kris didn’t believe that really wanted to transition. All of this was captured on camera.

Kris wasn’t the only one who was unaware of his desire to have a sex change, the site says that Bruce didn’t tell his friends. It sounds like Bruce wanted to have people gradually hear about his plans, so that it was a huge surprise all at once.