John Mayer Interviews Left Shark, Maybe Confirms He’s Back Together With Katy Perry

Katy Perry gets cozy with John Mayer at the Super Bowl
Looking swoon-worthy, John Mayer had his first late night hosting gig last night (Feb. 4, 2015) and had perhaps the best set of guests in the hot seat in the history of late night TV (well, it’s definitely debatable, but still).

Yes, #LeftShark and his partner, Right Shark, were on the air of the Late Late Show on CBS. The duo made history during Mayer’s rumored girlfriend Katy Perry’s Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show performance. In case you missed it, while Right Shark hit all his dance steps perfectly, Left Shark appeared to have no idea what the dance moves were, but killed it anyways with his energetic and happy spirit.

Speaking of rumored girlfriends, guest Andy Cohen all but made Mayer confirm his and Perry’s rekindled love.

Mayer welcomed the two beautiful creatures of the sea, who of course came with their handler. They looked absolutely adorable, albeit awkward.

Since their Super Bowl Halftime show performance (the most watched TV program in history, at that), the two sharks have become a viral internet sensation.

Mayer asked them a question, but they can’t talk, only dance – they’re not dolphins! Their handler described them to Mayer, explaining “In the wild, sharks usually swim in pairs, naturally there’s an alpha shark, on the right, and then the clumsier, dumber left shark sort of flops around like a sidekick, you know. But no less important!”

After a quick “dance” with the sharks, Andy Cohen later appeared as Mayer’s next guest.

Mayer had some kind words to say about Perry’s performance, saying “It was unbelievable. And I think the whole thing about the sharks, everybody wants to talk about the sharks because it’s just something everyone can grab onto because not everyone feels comfortable walking around saying that Katy Perry was amazing.

“So they use the sharks as kind of, ‘Guys, love the sharks’. It’s like, you have nothing bad to say about the performance, do you? ‘No, I don’t.’ Because if they did, you’d hear about it.

“She made the internet a kind, gentle place for a day. It was awesome.”

Cohen responded encouragingly, “Mozel to you and your family, your girlfriend.” To which Mayer replied, “You questions make gossip stories.”


Last night’s musical guest was none other than Grammy award nominated John Legend, who amazingly posed with wife Chrissy Teigen and the sharks (see below):


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