Selena Gomez Can’t Pronounce Zedd’s Name

Not Alone
Miley Cyrus vs. spelling Schwarzenegger
2015’s hottest new trend: celebrities who can’t pronounce or spell their significant other’s name.

First, Miley Cyrus revealed that she is incapable of spelling Patrick Schwarzenegger’s last name. Now, Cyrus’ nemesis, Selena Gomez, is hopping on the bandwagon by revealing she can’t pronounce rumored boyfriend Zedd’s given name.

Below, readers will encounter a 30-second video in which Gomez and a friend try (and fail) to pronounce Zaslavski, Zedd’s last name. (His first name is Anton. Anton Zaslavksi. Rolls right off the tongue.)

To be fair, Zaslavski is not the easiest name in the world to pronounce. It is also not the hardest. If you are a person who is dating a man named Zaslavski, you should make a real effort to learn to pronounce it correctly. Gomez, it appears, is doing just that. A+ for effort.

Gomez reportedly uploaded the video to her Instagram account but quickly deleted it. A fan captured the video and uploaded it to popular video website, Remember, celebrities: you can never really delete anything.

Who will be the next celebrity to hop aboard the latest trend in difficult name handling? Our money is on Chiwetel Ejifor’s girlfriend, Sari Mercer.