Grammys 2015: A Brief Conversation About This Year’s Performers

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Ahead of the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, airing this Sunday, Feb. 8, Celebuzz editors Peggy and Matt (“Patt”) sat down (full disclosure: they were already sitting down) to discuss the roster of performers. We discussed everyone from Lady Gaga (performing with Tony Bennett) to Madonna to Beyoncé to Sia and beyond.

To see who we think will steal the night (and who will make you run to the bathroom) — and to see the complete (and very long) list of performers — keep reading.

Peggy: Hi Matt, are you looking forward to this year’s Grammys or what!

Matt: Hi, Peggy! I surely am!

Peggy: Who are you excited to see on stage? (Besides the obvious, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett)?

Matt: Well, Peggy, firstly I am excited to see Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett perform a hot jazz number together. Maybe you hadn’t heard, but Gaga can really sing. She’s sure to blow them all away. #BuyCheekToCheekOniTunes. Aside from that performance, however, I am interested to see Madonna take the stage for the first time during her plagued Rebel Heart era. What about you?

Peggy: It’s pretty obvious, but I think Rihanna is going to be amazing. I just hope Sir Paul McCartney can pull it together. I still can’t unsee his awkwardness from the “FourFiveSeconds” music video… But he’s a legend so I’m sure everything will work out.

Matt: Yes, I am excited for that performance, too. I am not in love with the song, but I am dying to see Rihanna on stage again. It has been too long. What about Sia? We’re looking forward to Sia, correct? She has already given countless memorable performances this year; surely she won’t disappoint during Music’s Biggest Night?

Peggy: Well I think the big question is, will Sia actually BE there? Or will it be that little girl Maddie or Shia LaBeouf taking her place?

Matt: She HAS to bring Maddie!

Peggy: I always get my hopes up for Sia and then I remember she likes to be creative like that..

Matt: It’s her “thing.” Speaking of “things,” it’s a “thing” that Ed Sheeran is performing multiple times. Thoughts on that?

Peggy: Well it’s no question he’s a talented young man but performing more than once on such a big stage might be a bit of a stretch for him. I feel like only people like Gaga or Beyoncé have that kind of stamina. But who knows, he might blow us all away.

Matt: I’m sure he’ll do fine. On a night so packed with performances, though, I think that performing more than once is, perhaps, a bit… much? Surely his fans will disagree. But speaking of Beyoncé: She will be there! Performing a gospel standard! Not your typical Bey fare, but undoubtedly she will kill it.

Peggy: She’ll definitely kill it, especially with Golden Globe winners Common and John Legend behind her. So looking forward to that. Who do you think will surprise us the most this Sunday, Matt?

Matt: I think Katy Perry’s performance will be surprising to people. She is singing “By the Grace of God,” a downtempo acoustic number from “Prism.” This is not really what people expect from Katy — who is not known for her powerhouse vocals — especially after her over-the-top Super Bowl set. I am hoping to be *pleasantly* surprised by Madonna. And a big part of me thinks the Sam Smith and Mary J. Blige duet will be the most memorable moment of the night.

Peggy: I actually think people will shed tears to the sound of Sam and Mary that evening. Call me crazy, but I think Tom Jones and Jessie J might also be really entertaining, considering how different their sounds are!

Matt: I think many people will be surprised by how much they have to use the restroom during that performance.

Peggy: Haha, and maybe bump into Jennifer Lawrence? I soooo want her to go to the Grammys so we can see her singing along to Chris Martin and Beck, a performance that I think will otherwise be a snoozefest.

Matt: If the Grammys had really wanted to make it a night to remember, they would have gotten J.Law on stage to sing “The Hanging Tree” with Chris Martin on piano. Grammys, hire me to produce next year’s show. I am full of golden ideas like this.

Peggy: That’s actually brilliant, Matt. I don’t think the Grammys would ever be able to top that.

Matt: Kanye West might disagree with that, but personally, i think you’re right.

Peggy: Do you think the show will have any surprise guest performers, given the extremely long bill announced so far?

Matt: I feel like a few small surprises might happen, but given the length of the list, I think we know the bulk of things. Maybe Nicki Minaj will join Ariana Grande. That would be worth tuning in for.

Peggy: Or Prince magically showing up with a cane. Again.

Matt: Or hey, maybe we’ll get REALLY lucky and Adele will show up, pop on stage, belt out her new, as-yet-unannounced single, drop the mic, and walk out. Grammys over.

Peggy: Yes. And the 2016 Grammys will all be given to Adele for said single and new album.

Matt: If that happens, we can take next year off. We’ll just pre-write the post “Adele Sweeps Every Category at Grammy Awards” and then hit the bar. You hear that, Adele? Our waning work ethic is counting on you.

The Complete List of 2015 Grammy Performers

Beck & Chris Martin

Mary J Blige & Sam Smith

Brandy Clark & Dwight Yoakam

Ed Sheeran, Herbie Hancock, John Mayer, & Questlove

Ed Sheeran & ELO’s Jeff Lynne

Lang Lang




Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

Eric Church

Beyonce, Common, & John Legend

Ariana Grande

Hozier & Annie Lennox

Jessie J & Tom Jones

Miranda Lambert

Adam Levine & Gwen Stefani


Rihanna, Kanye West, & Paul McCartney


Pharrell Williams

Katy Perry

Tegan and Sara & The Lonely Island