Christina Milian Shows Us How to Get a Kim Kardashian Booty With Implants

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Kim: Butt Implants?
Kim Kardashian proves that her butt is 100 percent real.
Ever since Kim Kardashian and her big ol’ booty gained fame, more and more people — including celebrities — have gone under the knife for butt implants… And we may just be adding Christina Milian to that list in the near future.

In the upcoming episode of her E! reality series Christina Milian Turned Up, the 33-year-old reveals she’s interested in surgically enhancing her derriere.

“I don’t know much about plastic surgery,” Milian explains in a teaser for Sunday’s show. “So I’m here to learn how to get a bigger, more glorious butt.”

But just how big is the pop star trying to go? She’d like to stay on the “J. Lo, Kim end of the spectrum” as opposed to the “Nicki [Minaj], Coco end,” as her doctor so cleverly put it.

Though Milian never says whether or not she plans to follow through with the booty enhancement, the doc gives her a sense of what it would be like by making her wear bike shorts with the implants attached.

Check out the hilariousness that ensues in the video above.