Hey Girl, Did You Know That Ryan Gosling Is Back on Twitter?

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Gosling's Debut
Here's the first trailer for Ryan Gosling's 'Lost River,' starring Eva Mendes.
Back in April 2013, Taylor Swift’s “Red” ruled the airwaves, 30 Rock fans cried for what seemed like eternity (over the series finale which ended three months prior) and Spring Breakers made the world more fearful of bikini-clad college girls.

April 2013 was also the last time Ryan Gosling used his Twitter account (to plug a fundraiser). Until now.

That’s right. Everybody’s favorite Gosling is back on social media — just in time to make another plug.

Earlier this week, the 34-year-old actor-turned-director finally figured out his Twitter password posted links and items related to his directorial debut, Lost River.

Let’s take a closer look at his brand new tweets, shall we?

What a great greeting. Of course it still works, RyGos, you hot, hopefully tech savvy person.

Agreed, Mr. Director, sir.

No amount of tweets from you will ever be too much, Mr. Gosling. Somebody get his contact info so we can give him a proper lesson on Twitter etiquette or alternatively, a strong suggestion for shirtless selfies.

Look at how polite he is, even when he has to use the F-word.

OK, Gosling’s photo taking skills could use a little improvement. 

Ryan Gosling would use the word “rad,” because it’s also a word that describes everything about him.

There was also a reply among Gosling’s tweets this week. Such a kind, polite soul.

Lost River opens in theaters Apr. 10. Maybe don’t read about how the folks at Cannes thought about it.