The House From Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ Video Literally Went Down in Flames

In “Blank Space,” Taylor Swift talks about a relationship going down in flames. But, in this case, it’s a house.

The gorgeous mansion that was used in the “Blank Space” music video was reportedly damaged by a fire. Get the details below!

In the video, Swift and her beautiful flavor of the month spend their time riding horses, riding bicycles and relaxing on the grounds of this incredible house. But, now we’ve learned that there was a fire at the mansion on Wednesday, Jan. 28.

According to reports, the mansion was damaged by a “mystery fire.” The Long Island, New York house was built in 1916 by Frank Winfield Woolworth. Interesting to note, this mansion was built after a fire destroyed the family’s previous home. Now, this Winfield Mansion is said to be haunted! Yikes!

Here’s Swift’s video to remind you of the beautiful house.

In other Swift news, the 25-year-old’s lawyers just threatened Etsy sellers. The lawyers are threatening people on Etsy who are selling items with Swift’s lyrics on them. Swift has a list of trademarks, which means that if anyone tries to sell items with the phrases on the list, they will see legal action. Swift recently applied to trademark lyrics from her 1989 album, most noticeably, “this sick beat.”