Proof That the Internet Had No Chill During the 2015 Grammy Awards

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The 2015 Grammy Awards as told in GIFs.
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Moments you may have missed from Grammys 2015.
When it comes to being ruthlessly witty, nothing is a bigger treasure trove of sass than the internet as a collective whole.

The online community was on fire with its own commentary on celebrities who were attending the 2015 Grammy Awards Sunday night. From Iggy Azalea‘s hot mess of an up-do to Rihanna‘s worst dressed list-worthy pink ball gown, nothing was safe from becoming brutally dissected and turning into the next great meme.

Here’s what people on the web were saying about this year’s Grammys.

About Iggy Azalea’s hair…

About Iggy Azalea not winning anything…

About Beck Winning Album of the Year instead of Beyoncé



About Rihanna’s pink ball gown…




About how much the ceremony reminded them of prom…


About Kim Kardashian