Iggy Azalea Has a New Enemy and It’s Papa John’s Pizza

okay iggy
TI would like Iggy Azalea to shut up
Better ingredients. Better pizza. Better not hand out your phone number next time, Iggy Azalea.

Yesterday was a really rough day for Azalea. She lost at the Grammy’s, she landed on the #WorstDressed list arguably because of her hairdo, and she made another enemy in Papa John’s Pizza hours before the big night because they handed out her personal phone number.

Azalea was betrayed by her pizza delivery guy hours before the big awards show. He handed out her personal cell phone number to her “biggest fan”, his brother, of course.

Needless to say, Azalea wasn’t happy and left to go to the Grammy’s rather disappointed by the whole interaction:


Where’s the professionalism these days?

The she brings it back to what’s really important:

Papa John’s responded to Azalea, and then she threatened to take legal action because she maybe didn’t like their pun of her song, “Bounce”.


Later in the night, Papa John’s took a final jab at the rapper (who lost Best Pop Duo/Performance, Best Rap Album, Record of the Year, Best New Artist,):

DiGiorno, however, responded to Azalea, commiserating in her plight. She appreciated the empathy and retweeted their tweet:

Damn shame, Iggy Azalea.