Kevin Hart Announced as Master of Justin Bieber’s Comedy Central Roast

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You're welcome, Beliebers.
Get ready, Justin Bieber!

Comedian Kevin Hart was just announced as the Roast Master for Comedy Central’s #BieberRoast. Get all of the details below!

We told you last month, Comedy Central is hosting a Bieber roast. Now, it was just announced that Hart will be taking the lead of this roast.

If you watched Comedy Central’s James Franco roast in 2013, Hart will basically be doing what Seth Rogen did. He’ll take control of the show and, in addition to roasting Bieber, he’ll make fun all of the other comedians roasting Bieber.

The show will be taped on March 15 and is set to air on Comedy Central on March 30. Bieber turns 21 on March 1, and he revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that this roast will be a good way for him to laugh at himself after making many mistakes over the past few years.