Some People Are Saying Kris Jenner Knew About Bruce’s Sex Change

Bruce's Mom Speaks
Bruce Jenner's mom confirms star's plans to transition.
It sounds like Kris Jenner might’ve known about Bruce Jenner’s desire to transition.

Last week, we learned that Kris “had no idea” that Bruce wanted to become a woman. But, now we’re hearing that might not be true. Get the details below!

Reports surfaced last week that claimed Bruce didn’t tell Kris about his transition. It seemed as though Kris and the rest of the Kardashian family only found out about Bruce’s transition when he had a meeting with them, on camera. The entire family meeting was filmed, either for the next season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, or for Bruce’s new docu-series about his transition that’s set to air on E! this spring.

But, according to TMZ, sources close to Bruce are saying that Kris has “known for years” that Bruce wanted to become a woman. They also said that Kris has known Bruce has “had issues with his sexual identity” since they got married. The sources add that Bruce’s transition desires surfaced “years ago” but Kris wanted to keep it private because it could “hurt the brand.”

It’s also being said that Bruce’s sons are angry with Kim Kardashian because she went on TV and talked about Bruce’s “journey.”Sources say they knew what she was doing and took that moment away from Bruce.

Bruce is having a really tough time right now, he was just involved in a horrible car accident over the weekend. He just released a statement on the accident, calling it a “devastating tragedy.”