What Was Shia LaBeouf Reading During Sia’s Grammys Performance Intro?

Grammys 2015 Gifs
The 2015 Grammy Awards as told in GIFs.
One of the strangest moments of the 2015 Grammy Awards was Shia LaBeouf’s introduction of Sia.

Before the mysterious singer performed “Chandelier” at the awards show, LaBeouf read a letter. “Punch me if I stop crying,” he said, ending the letter “Love, Erik.”

It turns out that the love letter was written by Sia’s husband Erik.

The letter read:

“For Sia: I feel like this may be strange to say this here,” LaBeouf said on behalf of Lang. “I love you so. Punch me if I stop crying. I raised a white flag for you, defeated finally. If strength were made of broken pieces, you and I would always win. It is, though, and building and statues wink at us. I could squeeze you to zero. I’ll never know another. What am I going to do? Punch me if I stop crying, and I’ll do the same. Love, Erik.”

Us Weekly reports that the letter was a total surprise to Sia, who had no idea that the letter was going to be read.

Because the singer faced the wall during her “Chandelier” performance, giving the spotlight to dancer Maddie Ziegler and surprise guest Kristen Wiig, viewers were unable to see the look on her face after LaBeouf delivered his introduction.

Watch Shia read the speech above and if you missed Sia’s performance, you can watch that below.