And Now, an Ode to Ariana Grande’s Cat Ears

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Catwoman Ariana Grande. It’s no big secret that the feline-friendly pop diva likes to wear cat ears— but why?

“I just like them,” she said in an interview with Power 106. “I was a cat last year for Halloween and the year before. I am always a cat for Halloween.”

You can catch her wearing a variety of fashionable cat ears at both concerts and award shows. In fact, there aren’t many instances where Grande makes a public appearance without them. These ears have undoubtedly become her signature accessory (atop that trademark ponytail).

Experts over at MTV think the ears symbolize “innocence, playfulness, and also an unconscious or hidden sex appeal.” They report that she’s trying to stay relevant, emphasizing the importance of making sure people are talking about her. In short, the professionals think that this trend is out-of-date and needs to go. We see the ears for what they are… adorable!

Launch the gallery, above, to see Ariana Grande and those cat ears she loves so much.