Angelina Jolie Opens UK Center to Fight War Zone Violence Against Women as Adoption Rumors Swirl

Angelina Jolie
Newlywed Angelina Jolie in Malta.
Angelina Jolie today said “there is no stable future for a world in which crimes committed against women go unpunished” as she opened a new center in London for ending war rape.

The actress was joined William Hague to launch the groundbreaking new department at the London School of Economics, where scholars will carry out research aimed at stopping sexual violence being used during wartime.

Jolie said students will have the chance to change the world.

“If you were to ask me who I think this centre is for, I picture someone who is not in this room today,” Jolie said. “I think of a girl I met in Iraq three weeks ago. She is 13 years old, but instead of going to school, she sits on the floor in a makeshift tent.”

The girl was captured by Isis as a sex slave, and repeatedly raped, Jolie said. “Now she may never be able to complete her education, or get married or have a family, because in her society victims of rape are shunned, and considered shameful. To my mind, what we have begun today at LSE is for that Iraqi girl and others like her.”

Surrounding the announcement of the Center are the rumors that have been swirling regarding Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and their plans to adopt another child.

According to a paid, anonymous “charity worker” who spoke to Woman’s Day last month, the couple are reportedly planning to welcome a two-year-old boy from Syria into their family after months of negotiations.

“Angelina heard about him from a translator and she was obviously upset, but Moussa was just beaming from ear to ear and when he saw she was wiping tears from her eyes he toddled up to her and gave her a hug and it was a very emotional moment and everyone was suddenly laughing and smiling,” the magazine’s source said.

“She kissed him on the top of his head and then they were basically inseparable for the rest of the visit.”

As well as three biological children, the Pitt-Jolies have also adopted three other children from Third World countries, Cambodian-born Maddox, 13, Pax, 11, from Vietnam and Zahara, 9, from Ethiopia.

Photo: AKM-GSI