Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Sharks Score First Commercial as ‘Left Shark’ Seller Enters Copyright Battle

Shark Talk
John Mayer interviews Katy Perry's sharks on the 'Late Late Show.'
First comes Super Bowl halftime show, then comes Late Late Show, then comes a commercial for a sports network.

Sort of.

A little more than a week after making their debut alongside Katy Perry, the most famous sharks of 2015 (so far) have landed their very first ad — for ESPN’s SportsCenter.

In the 40-second spot, Left Shark and Right Shark can be seen driving to work on a snowy day. Of course, no commercial would be worth watching without a twist (forward to 0:16 for the big “reveal”).

In other shark news, it looks like a legal battle is slowly brewing between a Florida 3D printer sculptor and Camp Perry.

After it was discovered that Fernando Sosa had been producing and selling 3D creations of the famous Left Shark, Perry’s lawyers sent a cease-and-desist letter. In response, Sosa’s legal team claims the pop star is “declaring war on an Internet meme.”

“Federal courts and the United States Copyright Office have made clear that costumes are generally not copyrightable,” Sosa’s lawyer states in a letter to Camp Perry. “Please tell me why you think the Left Shark costume should be treated differently.” [via Billboard]

According to Sosa’s lawyers, if anyone has legal right to the Left Shark, it’s the NFL.

The real Left Shark has yet to comment on this matter.