This is What Happens When Justin Bieber Goes to Victoria’s Secret

Justin Unplugged
You're welcome, Beliebers.
Justin Bieber looked like he was having a great time in Victoria’s Secret last night, (Feb. 9, 2015).

The 20-year-old singer went to the store, and then decided to mock his Calvin Klein ads on Instagram. Check out the photo below!

Last month, we brought you Bieber’s Calvin Klein underwear ads. The photos were everywhere, and everyone was talking about them. Miley Cyrus even decided to parody his ad on Instagram.

Now, it seems like Bieber is laughing at himself. He posted the photo below to Instagram with the caption, “#mycalvins”


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From his Instagram photos, it looks like Bieber was walking around the mall. Just a casual Monday in the world of Bieber.


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