Chrissy Teigen Embarrasses John Legend by Revealing They Had Sex at an Obama Event, NOT at the White House

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Chrissy Teigen was really tired post-Grammy's, passed out in the car
In case you missed it, Chrissy Teigen made John Legend turn fifty shades of scarlet on the Grammy’s red carpet on Sunday (Feb. 8, 2015) when she let slipped the best public place they had sex, referring to it only as “the Obama event”.

Legend tried to play it cool as they both insisted it the event did not take place at the White House (although arguably that would be the best public place for any couple to get down to business).

While talking to Extra on the red carpet, the couple had to pick an embarrassing question out of the mystery bowl: Teigen chose “public place you did it”. She asked, “Is this the best or the worst?” And Legend quickly replied, “The best.”

That’s when Chrissy, proving once again to be the most awesome human being alive, revealed “Um, probably the Obama thing” before laughing as she walked off the camera, leaving a mortified Legend to hang on his own.

“Oh god…We’re not gonna discuss that,” the 36-year-old singer told Extra, visibly flustered.

Teigen returned and said, “Not the White House, it was 100 percent not the White House.” Legend clarified, “[Barack Obama] was not elected yet.”

The model, 29, apologized saying, “Sorry, I’m in trouble now.”

Lol. Legend hands down takes the cake for having the best and cutest “flustered face”.

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