Lady Gaga Reunites With Beyoncé, Snaps Selfie With Non-Waiter Ed Sheeran

Are Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney engaged? Probably.
Probably-engaged person Lady Gaga is having one helluva good week.

Last night, Gaga attended (and performed during) “Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life – An All-Star Grammy Salute.” She wasn’t the only one: Beyoncé, Jay Z, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, Jill Scott, Pharrell Williams, and more attended the event, leading to a lot of great photos (some of which we’ve rounded up and put in this gallery.)

Let’s get the most important thing out of the way first: Gaga posed for a photo with Beyoncé (above), leading many (read: this writer) to hope and pray that the “Telephone” sequel is immediately forthcoming. (Jay Z was also in the photo, for whatever it’s worth.)

Gaga wasn’t the only performer. Grande (with Babyface), Beyoncé (with Sheeran), Hudson, Pharrell, Legend, and others performed for the event. (Basically, everyone we previously mentioned, minus Jay Z, performed. Get it together, Jay.) All in all, it sounds like a truly epic shindig.

After the event, Gaga shared this sweet photo of herself with the man of the hour, Stevie Wonder:

During the fun and excitement, Gaga  snapped a selfie with Sheeran. Earlier (false) reports suggested that during Sunday’s Grammys ceremony, Gaga mistook Sheeran for a waiter. When sharing the picture, Sheeran poked fun at the story by saying “Just bumped into gaga she’s fetching me a drink. God bless the press.”

Just bumped into gaga she's fetching me a drink. God bless the press

A photo posted by @teddysphotos on

Gaga took to Twitter to further clear matters up:

So that’s settled: Ed Sheeran is not a waiter, and the Grammys don’t even have waiters. Got it. Now, about that “Telephone” continuation…

The tribute will air Monday, Feb. 16 on CBS.