Emile Hirsch Charged with Felony Assault After Alleged Sundance Attack

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Emile Hirsch
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Emile Hirsch has been charged with felony assault after allegedly attacking a female Hollywood executive at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

Hirsch was at a party at Tao nightclub in Park City, Utah on Jan. 25 when the alleged attack on Paramount executive Daniele Bernfeld occurred. Get the details below.

According to TMZ, police are saying, “Hirsch appeared intoxicated and asked [movie exec Daniele Bernfeld] why she looked ‘so tough’ and said she was a ‘rich kid’ who should not be at Sundance.”

Bernfeld told police that she moved away from Hirsch and went to sit at a table with a friend. Then, Hirsch came up behind her and “put her in a chokehold.” Bernfeld also told police that Hirsch, “pulled her across the table and onto the floor” and even landed on top of her. Then, Hirsch allegedly wrapped his hands around her neck and began to choke Bernfeld. She described it as, “the front and back of her throat were touching and she remembers things going dark.” Bernfeld says that Hirsch was pulled off of her by two bystanders.

When cops were called at around 3:52 a.m., Hirsch said he and Bernfeld had a “verbal confrontation.” He also said that he had three or four drinks, and cops say that he appeared wasted. Cops spoke with Bernfeld and they saw red on her neck and upper chest.

Hirsch was charged with 3rd degree felony aggravated assault, which could land him up to five years in prison. In addition, Hirsch was also charged with misdemeanor intoxication. His court date is schedule for March 16.