8 Celebrity Couples We Love

Celebrities Who Split in 2014
Some many couples didn't make it past 2014!

Valentine’s Day is an occasion where we get to show our significant others that we love them unconditionally by showering them with chocolate and flowers. If you’re celebrating alone, it can also be a time where you test yourself to see just how many calories one will consume while binge-watching Netflix. Challenge accepted.

Although it’s nice to give and receive special gifts on this day, it should only be right that we are mandated to show our endearment on the other 364 days of the year, too. True love is hard to come by these days, but many star couples are now stronger than ever. Our favorite Bachelor couple, Sean and Catherine Lowe, is the perfect example of a healthy and happy relationship. Despite the fact that the duo’s time together began on television, they’ve shown their viewers that they are no Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell.

It’s also easy to admire dynamic duos like Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who are rumored to be recording an album together and— Imma let you finish in a second but Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West are the best power couple of all time.

Whether you’ve got a date with a human or an obligation to watch The Notebook alone, launch the gallery, above, to ogle over (or live vicariously through) some of Hollywood’s cutest couples.