Kristen Stewart Has a Few Things to Say About Feminism and Women in Hollywood

Kristen on Feminism
Kristen Stewart slays ignorance with this comment about feminism.
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Celebrities open up on what it is to be a feminist.

Like Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart isn’t shy about vocalizing her thoughts about feminism.

Speaking with Wonderland magazine, the former Twilight star offers up her two cents on female roles in Hollywood, explaining that she finds women her age to be actually less open in supporting equal rights.


She says, “It’s silly to play the devil’s advocate when having a conversation about female roles in Hollywood, because then you’re doing this ‘reverse feminism’ thing that has become weirdly trendy recently.”

“I feel like some girls around my age are less inclined to say, ‘Of course I’m a feminist, and of course I believe in equal rights for men and women,’ because there are implications that go along with the word feminist that they feel are too in-your-face or aggressive,” she continues. “A lot of girls nowadays are like, ‘Eww, I’m not like that.’ They don’t get that there’s no one particular way you have to be in order to stand for all of the things feminism stands for.”

In the same interview, Stewart, 24, also says that she’s started working on projects that takes her behind the camera. The actress, who is rumored to be taking a hiatus from acting, notes that she has written a short film about — wait for it — water.

“I wrote a sick short film that I’m really proud of. It’s more abstract rather than super narrative. It’s like a poem; it’s about water,” she says. “People ask, ‘Why not just direct a feature?’ But I want to play around first. I want to have experience. I think the first thing I’m going to make will live in the in-between moments.”