One to Watch: The Good Mad Talks New ‘Face Your Feels’ EP

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The Good Mad is a band everyone should get to know.

This alt-folk group consists of Allie Gonino, Adam Brooks and Andy Fischer-Price. The group just released an EP called Face Your Feels that we think you’re going to love. This band’s amazing skills and terrific EP are just a few reasons why The Good Mad is our next “One to Watch” talent.

We were lucky enough to do an interview with the band, and they told us about how the group formed. Plus, The Good Mad also revealed their dream tourmates. Check out the interview to get all of the details, plus you can listen to the band’s music below!

While this group might be new to some people, ABC Family viewers might recognize the band. They were actually featured on the show, The Lying Game. Gonino played Laurel Mercer on the show, and in addition to showing off her acting talents, she had the chance to sing on The Lying Game. Thanks to Gonino’s connections with the show, the band was given a huge platform the showcase their skills.

So, how did the group form? The trio actually came together after being a part of different bands. Gonino had first been in a group called The Stunners. The group formed in 2007 and even toured with Justin Bieber in 2010 on his My World Tour.

It was after performing with The Stunners that Gonino joined Brooks and Fischer-Price to form The Good Mad. Gonino told us, “Originally Andy and Adam were playing in an indie-rock band called Mr. Adventures, and I guess I played violin with them for about a year. Then, that band broke up and we formed The Good Mad.” And the rest is history!

When asked to describe the sound of Face Your Feels the band told us, “It’s definitely got its roots in folk, but we just tried to vibe it up a little bit.”

The Good Mad

(PHOTO CREDIT: Scott Simock)

Check out a couple of songs from The Good Mad’s SoundCloud page below. These songs are all on their new EP, Face Your Feels, which you can purchase on iTunes HERE.

So, who would The Good Mad loved to tour with in the future? The group revealed to us they would love to tour with Paul McCartney and the Dixie Chicks.

Watch the video for The Good Mad’s song “Adelaide” below!


The Good Mad

(ALL PHOTO CREDIT: Scott Simock)