Bruce Jenner Crash Update: MTA Bus Captures Accident on Video

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Bruce Jenner Speaks Out About Fatal Car Crash, Calls it a 'Devastating Tragedy'
Bruce Jenner has broken his silence on the fatal car crash he was involved in on Saturday afternoon (Feb

The fatal Malibu, Calif. car crash that Bruce Jenner was involved in was reportedly captured on video by a MTA bus.

On Feb. 7, Jenner was driving his Escalade in Malibu when he allegedly hit Lexus in front of him, causing it to go into oncoming traffic. The Lexus then collided with a Hummer, and the driver of the Lexus was killed.

There was a fourth car involved in this crash, a Prius that was in front of the Lexus. There’s been a lot of speculation surrounding this accident, like whether or not Jenner hit both the Lexus and Prius, or if Jenner just hit the Lexus and the Lexus hit the Prius in front of it, which caused it to go into oncoming traffic.

According to TMZ, sources are saying that the MTA bus video shows that the Escalade Jenner was driving hit both the Lexus in front of him and the Prius that was in front of the Lexus. The bus was directly behind the Hummer, which was coming in the opposite direction of Jenner, the Lexus and the Prius.

Sources tell the site that there are cameras mounted on the front, side and back of the MTA bus, and they caught the entire accident on video.

While law enforcement isn’t commenting on the video, sources told the site that it shows the Lexus didn’t make contact with the Prius.

Here’s a re-creation of the crash, which sources say reflects what’s on the MTA video, but it’s not based on the video itself.

From the video, it looks like the Escalade hits the Lexus, which sends it into oncoming traffic. The Lexus then crashes with the Hummer. The video also shows that after the Escalade hits the Lexus, the Escalade then hits the Prius.

This MTA video is important to the case because it adds weight to the idea that Jenner was following too closely, and he could face a vehicular manslaughter prosecution.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens next in this case. Keep checking Celebuzz for all of the latest updates.