Chris Soules ‘The Bachelor’ Recap, Week 7: Breakdowns and Hometowns

This week The Bachelor was broken down into a two-night special that consisted of Chris Soules’ hometown and the girls’ hometowns… But not without a little bit of drama to go with it, of course.

Here are the 8 things you missed this week:


Sunday Night: The Girls Go to Arlington, Iowa

1. Jade Visits Arlington First. Jade is granted the first one-on-one date in Arlington, and gets to see Chris’ home, farm and his tiny (TINY) Iowa hometown. At first, she really can’t believe how small it is, but after visiting Chris’ old high school and meeting his parents, she feels a bit better. However, she still has a secret she’s hiding

2. The Girls Pretty Much Hate Arlington. After Jade visits, Kaitlyn, Carly and Britt get a chance to take a drive around the small town. Britt notes it takes two minutes to do a “slow lap” around the entire town.  Their faces all look pretty dismal, but Britt is the most honest saying she can’t imagine living there.


3. Britt Has a Meltdown. Britt starts losing it, ya’ll. After the group date, Kaitlyn ends up with the rose, and Britt cannot handle it. She tells Chris she doesn’t think she’ll be able to take him home to meet her family if she’s playing second string to someone else. She eventually apologizes for being “selfish,” but we’ll soon come to find out it doesn’t really matter anymore…

4. Jade Tells Carly About Her Naked Photos. Jade tells Carly her deep, dark secret about her nude Playboy shoot in her younger years. Instead of being a friend, Carly basically judges the sh*t out of Jade and reaffirms the poor girl’s fears that there’s not way Chris’ family is going to take that well.

Monday Night: Hometown Visits

5. Britt’s Breakdown Backlash. Britt decides to go home after her meltdown on Sunday night’s episode, and while most of us thought it was a ploy to get Chris to beg her to stay, he doesn’t, surprisingly. Instead he escorts her out of the house and throws Carly under the bus for telling him that Britt hated Arlington. Carly weirdly loves the whole scene, confessing to the camera, “It’s fun to watch her squirm. I’ve squirmed so much. The girl who was the prettiest girl in the room gets to know how it feels to be a normal person … how’s it feel?”

6. Carly Goes Home. After the whole Britt drama, Carly ends up getting the boot during the rose ceremony… Karma’s a bitch!

7. A Quick Hometown Breakdown. There really wasn’t many newsworthy moments about the hometown visits so let’s break it down for you really quick:

- Becca in Shreveport, Louisiana: Becca’s family acts super weird about her bringing home a man — let alone Chris The Bachelor — to a point where they might as well have been holding up a sign that read, “SHE’S A VIRGIN!” They talk about her not “letting people in” and Chris gets worried about whether or not they’ll find an emotional connection. They also ride a ferris wheel.

- Whitney in Chicago: Whitney’s father wasn’t a part of her life and her mother passed away 10 years ago, so instead he meets her sister, brother-in-law, uncle and grandmother. When he asks her sister for approval in proposing to Whitney, she doesn’t’t give it to him, saying she wants to be sure Whitney is the only one  for him first. Meanwhile, Whitney drops the “L” bomb on him that night.


- Kaitlyn in Phoenix, Arizona: Though Kaitlyn is from Canada, she decides to visit her parents in Phoenix where they spend their winters. When they first arrive in Arizona, she takes Chris to a studio to test out his rapping skills… He sucks. Later they meet her parents who are fairly benign and just want the best for her. Kaitlyn also tells Chris she loves him by arranging a sign to read out “Kaitlyn <3 Chris.”

- Jade in Nebraska: The most important thing we got out of Jade’s hometown visit is that she finally reveals her secret Playboy shoot to Chris. Surprisingly, Chris takes it really well, almost giggling when she shows him the photos (which we all though was a little strange). “I saw her out of her shell. Completely out of her shell,” Chris joked in an interview a bit too soon, before admitting that the nude photos would create some “challenges” in Arlington, but “I would stand behind her no matter what’s out there on the Internet. That goes without question.”

8. Jade Gets the Axe Anyway. Despite swearing it had absolutely nothing to do with her Playboy shoot, Chris sends Jade home.

Now it’s down to three: Kaitlyn, Whitney and Becca!