Jamie Dornan Eats His Own Abs, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Breaks Box Office Records

With the release of Fifty Shades of Grey this past weekend, what better way to celebrate the movie than by watching actor Jamie Dornan, while on The Graham Norton Show, eat a piece of cake that bears an uncanny resemblance to his character in the film.

Cue the awkwardness. When Dornan saw the cake, his immediate response was one of genuine confusion, as he was clearly unsettled. He simply point blank asked the cake’s baker, “Why?”

Without further ado, check out Christian Grey eating his abs in the video above.

Dornan’s film Fifty Shades of Grey whipped the box office into shape this weekend. Sam Taylor-Johnson’s adaptation of the best-selling E.L. James novel took in an estimated $81.6 million over the three-day weekend.

It’s expected to come very close to the $100 million mark for the four-day. This weekend’s result, however, is the fifth largest R-rated opening of all-time behind The Matrix Reloaded, American Sniper, The Hangover Part II and The Passion of the Christ.

That makes Fifty Shades of Grey the record holder for best Presidents’ Day opening weekend of all time.