WATCH: A Shirtless Justin Bieber Gets Pelted With Eggs

Justin Bieber Apologizes
Justin Bieber apologizes for his recent bad behavior.

Revenge is a dish served cold  — and in this case: raw.

Poking fun at his infamous 2014 egg-pelting incident, the new promo for Justin Bieber’s much-anticipated roast on Comedy Central features pop star getting a taste of his own medicine. Going shirtless, the singer is seen being pelted with eggs in slow motion.

As the network puts it: “Watch Justin Bieber learn how poor, defenseless houses feel.”

Hosted by comedian Kevin Hart, the show be taped on March 15 and is set to air on Comedy Central on March 30.

Bieber, who turns 21 on March 21, previously said that the roast will be a good way for him to laugh at himself after making many mistakes over the past few years.