One to Watch: Devin K Talks ‘Move’ Song, Reveals Dream of Working with Drake

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Devin K is one artist that we think you’re going to love.

His talent is apparent in his music, especially his new song, “Move.” Devin’s passion for music and his awesome new video are just two of the reason why we think this artist is “One to Watch.”

Inspired by his family’s passion for music, Devin developed a love for singing. He grew up in Long Beach, Calif., which is just about 30 minutes south of Los Angeles.

Devin told us, “Long Beach is a huge arts community, and I grew up doing open mic and stuff like that. I did the whole band thing. And LA’s not far away so it was no question that I would eventually make that very short move.”

Devin K

(Photo Credit: Alex Owen aka Zandy Photo, Main Photo: Darin Rios)

While Devin had a love for music, he decided to pursue his athletic talents for awhile. Devin actually played professional soccer for four years, until he made the choice to follow his heart and devote his time to singing. “But it wasn’t what was making me happy, it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I was spending most of my time on the road, writing music.” In the end, singing was Devin’s choice and he’s put all of his energy into his musical career.

Devin described his music as “soul/pop.” Some of his musical influences include Sam Cooke and Lauryn Hill, and even Boys II Men. Devin revealed that the first CD he bought was from a catalogue, and it was Boys II Men!

Devin’s also trying to add some hip hop into his music. Devin has covered Drake’s music before, and when we mentioned a collaboration he told us, “that would be a dream come true.”

When it comes to a dream tour, Devin told us his dream lineup. It would include: Miguel, Frank Ocean, and Drake!

You can check out Devin’s “Move” video below. Devin told us they shot the entire video in one day!

To learn more about Devin, you can go to his website HERE.

He’s also on Twitter @OfficialDEVINK