Rihanna Might Actually Be Dating Leonardo DiCaprio’s Best Friend

RiCaprio Report: Some People Are Saying Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio Spent Valentine's Day Together
They found love in the most hopeless of places: a club in the early morning hours on Valentine's Day

Sorry RiCaprio hopefuls! It sounds like Rihanna might not be dating Leonardo DiCaprio after all.

According to new reports, Rihanna is actually getting close with DiCaprio’s best friend, club owner Richie Akiva.

There’s been a lot of speculation surrounding Rihanna and DiCaprio. First, rumors went flying that they kissed at the Playboy Mansion. Then, Rihanna allegedly wanted DiCaprio to slim down. The pair even spent a “steamy” Valentine’s Day together.

But, now it sounds like everything is not quite what it seems. Yes, Rihanna and DiCaprio have been spotted at the same events and clubs, but that’s because they have a mutual friend, Akiva.

Rihanna and Akiva have reportedly gotten close in recent months, and might even be taking things to the next level. “If they’re not dating, they’re hanging out, you know?” a source told the New York Daily News “with a wink.”

Akiva owns New York clubs Up & Down and 1Oak, and he’s been spotted hanging out with Rihanna and DiCaprio at both clubs recently. The paper says that Rihanna and Akiva have been “have been nearly inseparable since New Year’s Eve” and it sounds like DiCaprio is actually the wingman in this situation.

Rihanna, Akiva and DiCaprio spent New Year’s Eve in St. Barths. But, it was Rihanna and Akiva spending most of their time together, not Rihanna and DiCaprio. An insider told the paper, “Richie was with Rihanna in St. Barth’s — that’s where it started.”

The group was all at Akiva’s club Up & Down last week. Drake, a former Rihanna love interest, was hosting a party at the club and the trio were there. But, the insider also revealed that when she goes out to a club, “She’s not showing up with Leo, she’s showing up with Richie.”

One sign that these two are an item? According to the insider, “I’ve been at 25 to 30 clubs where Rihanna was hanging out, if anyone else had done that, she would’ve been pissed.” But, in this case, she just laughed it off.

The insider even revealed, “Leo was seated at the same table, but he was hitting on different girls. Richie was bouncing between the two of them.”

It sounds like Akiva was also with Rihanna and DiCaprio on Valentine’s Day, adding more weight to this story.

Check out this picture from June 2014 of Akiva, Rihanna and Cara Delevingne from Akiva’s Instagram account.

He captioned the picture, “Congratulations babygirl on your icon award @CFDA last night #rihanna #rihannaicon Well deserved! @caradelevingne @rihannadaily


Here’s a more recent picture from Akiva’s Instagram, Rihanna is pictured on the right.

Never ending week! #happymonday #DAVECHAPPELLE #SHOW #TEAMCHAPPELLE

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