Taylor Swift and Jimmy Fallon Show Off Dorky Dance Moves for Jumbotron

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Are Taylor Swift and Harry Styles back together? Well, they did have an awkward reunion last night.

Taylor Swift and Jimmy Fallon channelled their inner sports bro and danced like everyone was watching in this new skit from last night’s Tonight Show (Feb. 17, 2014).

Fallon called Swift out for dancing at events because originally it was their exclusive thing as best friends. Taylor, you may or may not know, is often poked fun at for her dance skills, which are lacking.

So to compensate for Fallon’s jealousy, he “compiled” a video of their moments dancing for the Jumbotron together. They’re rowdy, they throw popcorn, and they let loose like any annoying sports bro in the arena would.

No matter how lackluster Taylor’s robot and other dorky dance moves are, they definitely will get you in the mood to tailgate in the parking lot before some sporting event and not give a care in the world trying to get on the Jumbotron.

Watch the hilarious video above!