Iggy Azalea Feuds With the Internet, Quits Social Media

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Iggy Azalea has a few problematic things to say about black culture

Iggy Azalea left Twitter last night (Feb. 18, 2015) with another rant. This time, however, she’s facing off against the Internet itself, calling it “the ugliest reflection of man kind there is.”

Known as much for her Twitter wars as she is her pop music, Azalea has definitely made a name for herself in more ways than one. Although her most infamous feud was with Azealia Banks, arguably her best Twitter exchange was with Papa Johns Pizza. (In Iggy’s defense, who hasn’t Azealia Banks shaded on Twitter?)

Frankly, we don’t blame Azalea for her claims about the Internet in light of how much negativity it sheds upon her personally, and for just being a human in pursuit of happiness.

The Australian rapper was on a romantic Valentine’s getaway in Hawaii with her beau, basketballer Nick Young, when photos of her wearing in a red bikini were snapped. After the red bikini photos were posted on various websites, hurtful, negative comments about her and her body were made about her online. It’s 2015; shaming women’s bodies is not cool.

Azalea began her exit from the social media site saying,

Calling out the paparazzi for tailing her when she’s just trying to enjoy herself in paradise, she then wrote,

She then makes a statement about how unkind the Internet can be, and how it makes her feel angry at times (which kind of makes us feel sorry that she’s getting all this hate in the first place).

Then Azalea drops the bomb that in order to try and steer clear of the hate, she’s got to take a break from social media.

Her account will from now on be run by her team and not her personally.

Here’s to hoping that Iggy Azalea can clear her life from hate and live with less negativity now that she’s going off the grid (okay, now that she’s gone from Twitter). While we’ll be forever sad that she’s left the Twitter-sphere, it’s totally understandable that the girl’s got to do what she’s got to do, especially since she’s become one of those celebs notorious for her Twitter rants. Hopefully, she will rise like a phoenix from the ashes online in the future.