Kim Kardashian Has a Thing or Two to Say About Being a Mother

Kim Kardashian would like everyone to know she’s not “just a mom”.

In her latest Instagram post, the reality TV star calls being a mother the “Hardest, most rewarding & best job in the entire world!!!” Arguably, the 34-year-old mother hasn’t had many jobs in her lifetime, but we’re 100% on board with her saying that mothers are the absolute best.

Good on her for shutting down critics who think being “just a mom” is simple or easy, and for supporting all the other mothers out there.

Kim posted this photo to her Instagram last night (Feb. 18, 2015), captioning it, “I saw this on IG & love it so I’m reposting it! Shoutout to all of the moms out there! Hardest, most rewarding & best job in the entire world!!! This couldn’t be more true! #ProudMom”:

Being a mother sure does come with a multitude of titles (from cook, maid, hairdresser to personal assistant), so it’s heartwarming to see Kim so publicly embrace her motherhood to baby North West.

Kim undeniably loves her 1 and a half year old to pieces, which is why North West hasn’t left her mom’s side when she’s sitting front row at the hottest NYFW shows this past week, even if she did have a meltdown or two (because she’s a baby and all that). But honestly, just look at her: she’s the most adorable baby on the face of the earth. Could you resist that face?

Kardashian and hubby Kanye West are currently trying for more kids, West revealed to Ellen Degeneres a couple of weeks back.