Newly-Engaged Person Lady Gaga Does Sexy Swimming Pool Yoga

Ring Details!
Get all the details about Gaga's massive engagement ring.

Lady Gaga is a woman with a lot on her plate: she’s performing at the Oscars this Sunday, she’s recording a new album, she’s constantly working on her fitness, and — oh yeah! — she just got engaged to the love of her life, Taylor Kinney.

Gaga’s engagement has been, as they say, the “talk of the town” for several days now, but she’s not one to let her finger get all of the attention. Yesterday, Gaga shared a photo of herself doing “swimming pool yoga” atop a giant surfboard, ass up in the air like she just don’t care:

What a wonderful day, Swimming Pool Yoga!

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As the kids say (do they still?): #DATASS! Kinney is one lucky, lucky man. It’s a good thing he a put a ring on it.

Speaking of the ring, Gaga shared a new photo of the ring on Instagram that shows off a hidden, diamond-encrusted surprise.

The Lorraine Schwartz-designed ring, which is estimated to cost between $400,000 and $500,000, already caused quite a stir after Gaga originally broke the news on Monday. But the giant heart-shaped diamond isn’t even Gaga’s favorite attribute of the ring. On the bottom of the band, “T<3S” is written out in white diamonds. (Her real name, should you have forgotten, is Stefani, hence the “S.”)

She also shared a cute fan drawing of her and Kinney that incorporates the now-iconic heart-shaped ring:

No two ways about it: Little Monsters seem almost as happy as Mother Monster herself.