Oscars 2015: A Brief Chat About Who We Think Will Win, Who Should Win, and, Naturally, Lady Gaga

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Ahead of the 87th annual Academy Awards — otherwise known as the Oscars — on Sunday, Feb. 22, Celebuzz editors (and friends), Peggy and Matt, sat down to have a conversation. A conversation about what? Well, the Oscars, obviously. Haven’t you been following?

We don’t profess to be experts at anything other than sharing our opinions, but that didn’t stop us from talking about the inevitability of a Boyhood sweep, a Julianne Moore win, and what is likely to be the highlight of the night: a performance by Lady Gaga.

Without further ado, here is our chat, as it actually occurred via the magical medium of Skype:

Matt: Hello, Peggy!

Peggy: Hi, Matt! Are you excited for this weekend’s Academy Awards?

Matt: Yes. Although I still feel mentally hungover from the Grammys, I am ready for Film’s Biggest Night (™)!

Peggy: Film’s Biggest Night… Don’t you mean Boyhood’s biggest night?

Matt: Yes, I do think that Boyhood will be for the Oscars what Sam Smith was for the Grammys. That has been the narrative all season long, and I don’t think we’re in for any big upsets.

Peggy: Let’s cover some of the major prizes Boyhood and the other B – Birdman – will be battling for this weekend.

Matt: Well, I think Boyhood will take Best Picture, almost certainly. Birdman has been picking up steam among the forecasters, but I think Boyhood will still take the top prize. Because of the whole “12 years to make this movie” thing, I think Boyhood is also likely to take the trophy for Directing, but I think Birdman has a shot, too, ‘cuz of the whole “one long take” thing. And as far as the acting categories go, I think Birdman will likely be shut out. Michael Keaton stands a chance, but I think Eddie Redmayne will take it for The Theory of Everything.

Peggy: My personal favorite for Best Picture is The Grand Budapest Hotel, but I agree with your pick for Boyhood. There’s nothing quite like it this year. Moving on to Best Actor, I’m going to go with Michael Keaton. It’s his year. Give him his Oscar. Eddie Redmayne’s got a whole career ahead of him and The Theory of Everything is a great start.

Matt: I hope you are right! I would like to see that. But Eddie’s been sweeping up. Bottom line, though, is that it’s a two horse race. One of those two will win. I also really liked The Grand Budapest Hotel, but unfortunately I don’t think it stands much of a chance. I think it could win Best Original Screenplay, though. And it will almost certainly win Best Production Design. How about the women? Any thoughts on the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress categories?

Peggy:  Agreed, let Budapest take home the little categories. An Oscar’s an Oscar. As for the Actress categories: Julianne Moore is going to take home Best Actress. It’s hers by a landslide. I feel like her work is on a whole other level compared to Reese Witherspoon, Felicity Jones and Rosamund Pike. If it’s not Julianne though, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Academy showed some love for Marion Cotillard. She was great in Two Days, One Night.

Matt: I agree that Julianne is a lock. It is inevitable, and it is deserved. She’s a terrific actress, and has been delivering great performances for decades. So, despite the lack of drama this race provides, everyone will still go home satisfied.

Peggy:  I know the Golden Globes don’t always determine the Oscars, but for the Best Actor and Actress this year, it’s a shoo-in.

Matt: Agreed. I think the Golden Globes and Oscars winners lists will look pretty similar this year. As for Best Supporting Actress, I feel like this is Patricia Arquette’s award. I also love Laura Dern and would love to see her win, but I think it’s pretty obvious that Patricia will take it home after a successful awards season run.

Peggy: Patricia Arquette brought so much life to the screen. She was terrific in Boyhood. I always root for Meryl Streep, no matter what category she’s in, and I feel like the Academy has behaved the same. But this year I’m team Arquette.

Matt: Go Patty! Go Patty!  I think that about covers all of the major categories. Is there anything else you’re expecting or hoping to see?

Peggy: You forgot Best Supporting Actor, but I’m sure J.K. Simmons will forgive you. Compared to Patty, I don’t think Ethan Hawke’s Boyhood performance was as strong. And he, along with the other Supporting Actor nominees, don’t really stand a chance against Simmons.

Matt: You’re right, I did forget. I find this category pretty dry this year, but Edward Norton was great in Birdman, and so I would like to see that happen. But I think Simmons will take it. That just feels right.

Matt: Anything else? I’d like to see Ida win Best Foreign Film. It was undoubtedly the most beautiful film I saw all year. (I think it will win, too. So at least I can look forward to that. That and Lady Gaga is performing!)

Peggy: Ida did get a lot of buzz this year. As did Leviathan, which took home the Golden Globe in January. It’s going to be between those two, I think. And yes, I think the entire world is looking forward to Lady Gaga, her new engagement ring and her Oscar performance.

Matt: So the moral of the story is: everyone tune in Sunday for Lady Gaga and no other reason. You can always just read the winners’ list on Celebuzz dot com. Save yourself some time and some awkwardly emotional acceptance speeches.

Peggy: I’d like to bring up one last major category: Best Documentary Feature. I just watched Virunga at the recommendation of Leonardo DiCaprio, who was exec. producer. It was really, really tough to watch, but an important story. A little research will confirm this for me, but if this film takes home the Oscar for Best Doc, it could be Leo’s very first Oscar. In a producing role, no less.

Matt: I am glad to hear it. But CitizenFour is gonna win that, right? Another Oscar-less year for Leo. Some things never change.

Peggy: Matt, I totally lied. Can we talk about Best Original Song? Who will take home that Oscar? My money’s on “Glory” from Selma, especially after the emotional performance from the Grammys and of course, Common and John Legend’s Golden Globe win.

Matt: I feel like, without question, “Glory” will take this category. Combine the outrage over Selma’s perceived snubs in the major categories plus a successful campaign by John Legend and Common, and it just feels like the least the Academy can do and therefore a lock. That said, Tegan & Sara and The Lonely Island doing “Everything Is Awesome” from the snubbed The Lego Movie will be the most exciting performance of the night. Minus Gaga, of course.

Peggy: Give Gaga an Oscar just for being there!

Matt: From your mouth to Godga’s ears.