Friday Fashion Flashback: A Look Back at the 2005 Oscars Red Carpet Fashion

The biggest awards show of the season is almost upon us!

2015 Oscar Gown Predictions
Find out what we think the stars will wear!

Yes, the 87th Annual Academy Awards are just days away. We’re eager to find out which stars will be awarded Oscars, and our fingers are crossed we’ll get the scoop on some after-party gossip… But, lets be honest: What we’re really looking forward to is seeing what the A-listers will be wearing! *Squeal!*

Over these last 86 years, talented stars have walked the red carpet donning creations by some of the most notorious fashion designers in history (but, uh, no pressure 2015’rs). Every year curiosity over how the previous show’s fashion statements could ever be topped always emerges, and yet we never end up disappointed. So with just days left — still too many, we know — here’s a look back at some of the most memorable Oscar looks from 10 years ago.

Launch the gallery above to see them all!