Jamie Dornan Once Went Nude for an Abercrombie & Fitch Campaign


Hellooo Mr. Grey.

Straight out of our collective dreams, here is a throwback photo of Jamie Dornan before he became the rugged sex god that we know and love today.

Actress Malin Ackerman used to model with Dornan back in the day and posted this sexy photo from an old Abercrombie & Fitch campaign.

Dornan looks super young and chiseled with his curly hair and muscled legs as he bares all in the circa 2002 ad photo:

Dornan, 32, portrays the wealthy business man with singular tastes in the just released Fifty Shades of Grey movie. We assume he’ll also reprise the role in the next two films of the series, starring alongside Dakota Johnson.

Fifty Shades opened on Feb. 13, and had huge box office success over the Valentine’s Day/President’s Day weekend. According to Forbes, after just a week in theaters the movie tops $100 million in the US and $300 million worldwide. Box office success aside, the movie has garnered many a lackluster review. Nonetheless, everyone can agree that America’s fascination for erotica will keep the movie (and the fantasy) alive.

And more or less, it’s all thanks to Jamie Dornan, his exquisite face, and sexy body, so thank god for his Abercrombie & Fitch days.

[Lead photo credit: Karl Templer for Interview magazine]