Justin Bieber Appears on ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’ Again and Gets Totally Freaked Out

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Justin Bieber is going shirtless to FaceTime with his rumored girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin
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Revenge is a dish served cold — and in this case: raw

Ellen Degeneres leaves no one mercy when it comes to her practical jokes or prank shenanigans. Not even her new puppy number one guest and favorite hangout buddy Justin Bieber, with whom she teamed up a couple weeks ago in order to scare unsuspecting attendees as they tried to use the bathroom and prank call a big fan.

If you didn’t know, Bieber has literally stopped by the Ellen Degeneres Show every single week (today marks his fourth appearance in the past month).

While his first appearance on Jan. 29, 2015 was boring albeit sweet because afterwards he released a video to fans expressing his sorrow for his past behavior, and explaining how he gets nervous speaking in public, his subsequent appearances have just been a little meh.

With Justin appearing once again on her show, it looks like Ellen had no other choice but to scare the shit out of him in order to make his interview a little more interesting.

As she began to ask him if he was scared to do the roast on Comedy Central, a naked man wearing only Calvin Klein underwear jumped out from the fake table beside him, spooking Justin and giving his personality some more life.

Bieber’s apology tour continues on ahead of his Comedy Central roast, airing March 30, 2015 and big 21st birthday on March 1st.

They also released a sneak peak of Justin’s appearance on Ellen’s new show “Repeat After Me”, and honestly from the segment it looks like the show will be hilarious.

“Repeat After Me” airs Tuesdays on NBC at 8:30 p.m.

He also met the superfan who he and Ellen pranked in another of his past visits, sweetly surprising her.