Watch a Pug Puppy Recreate the 2015 Oscar Nominees for Best Picture

Game of Pugs
Watch these flat-nosed friends recreate the popular HBO series.

With the 87th Academy Awards just days away, the folks at The Pet Collective are celebrating film’s biggest night with some help from a teeny tiny pug puppy.

That’s right, The Grand Budapest Hotel has become The Grand Breedapest Hotel (though, Grand Budapug would’ve been better).

In a series of mini films, the four-legged star can be seen putting on his best impressions of Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitailation Game), Bradley Cooper (American Sniffer), David Oyelowo (Selmutt) and so on.

Our personal favorite is Puphood.

The 87th Academy Awards, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, will be handed out this Sunday, Feb. 22.

Watch “Oscars by Pug Puppy 2015” above.