Somone Allegedly Hacked Kris Jenner’s iCloud, Stole a Nude Video of Her, and is Extorting Her for Money

Kris Jenner Addresses Bruce Jenner Gender Transition Topic as 'Just Dumb'
It's been reported that Kris Jenner has known about Bruce Jenner's desire to transition into a woman for years.

According to Kris Jenner, someone hacked into her iCloud account and stole a naked video from her home surveillance cameras.

And it gets worse because now she’s being extorted for money. Unless Jenner pays up to the hacker, they’ll release the nude video of her.

But let’s be clear: it is not a sex tape.

Jenner will reportedly admit she is a victim of nude video hack during Season 10 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians

According to TMZ, Jenner holds a family meeting to break the news, and everyone but daughter Kim Kardashian is “disgusted”. TMZ also reports that sources say she’s filed a criminal complaint to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

Hopefully Kris Jenner gets this mystery solved because it’s completely a gross invasion of privacy.

Yesterday, Jenner was spotted out and about with a mystery man. Check him out in the gallery above. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian and her own sex tape (which was leaked in 2007) have made headlines again this week during her husband Kanye West’s feud with his ex, Amber Rose.