Dakota Johnson is Your Inner Tween, Embarrassed by Mother Melanie Griffith on Oscar’s Red Carpet Over ‘Fifty Shades’

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Fifty Shades of Grey’s Dakota Johnson was one of the best dressed ladies at last night’s Oscars who wore $2.2 million in jewels, but that’s not the only reason we’re thinking about her today.

Even though she was far from Christian Grey’s “Red Room of Pain”, Johnson’s turn on the red carpet was still enough to make us blush fifty shades of scarlet and give us some of the most cringe-worthy TV moments from last night’s affair.

Melanie Griffith, a movie star in her own right, and “her little girl”, Johnson (who’s father is actor Don Johnson), totally had a mother-daughter spat during their pre-show live interview with ABC. Whether Griffith was drunk and Johnson wasn’t drunk enough, we’re not sure. It was really uncomfortable to watch, to say the least. Johnson will definitely remind you of being a pre-teen who’s embarrassed by her mother.

Griffith clearly doesn’t want to watch her daughter (who is 25 now) being flogged as she’s tied up with the creative Mr. Grey (Jamie Dornan) in the mommy-porn erotic box-office hit, and Johnson clearly has that “Ugh, okay mom” look on her face as she stares spitefully at her and cattily responds.

After saying a simple “No” to whether or not she’d see it, Griffith explained, “I don’t think I can … I think it would be strange.”

As if they’ve had this conversation many times before, Johnson rolled her eyes and snapped, “All right! You don’t have to see it!”

“If she tells me to see it, I’ll see it,” Griffith replied. Johnson continued to say, disdainfully, “I tell you to see it and you’re like, ‘Eh.’”

Johnson’s tour of awkwardness did not stop there. During her interview with a scruffy looking Ryan Seacrest for E! news “Live from the Red Carpet”, Johnson revealed one of the things she took from the set of Fifty Shades: a flogger.

First she shaded him for interrupting her because she was speaking to Ethan Hawke, making him wait on live TV because they were “having a special conversation here.”

The newly single actress, who was by far a newbie amidst the leading ladies at last night’s ceremony, then giggled as she said “flogger” and asked Seacrest, “Can I say that on television?” after he replied awkwardly, “Not quite sure I know what that is…”

Yeah right, Seacrest. Fueling America’s obsession for (light) BDSM Guilana Rancic then defined the term for Kelly Osbourne and Seacrest.