I Kissed a Girl 2015: Katy Perry Celebrates Rihanna’s Birthday With Sensual Fan Art

Happy Birthday, Rihanna!
See Bad Gal's sexiest bikini moments.

Rihanna turned 27 three days ago, and while we thought our bikini gallery was a fitting gift, it turns out Bad Gal’s pal Katy Perry outdid us.

Perry shared a fan drawing of herself and Rihanna about to kiss in honor of RiRi’s big day, and it definitely got some tongues wagging.

Caption: “HBD to my flawless friend @badgalriri may I bestow this gift of beautiful fan art of us embracing in a passionate almost kiss. I hope you go to bed with all your makeup on tonight aka black out. Luh you, miss you, hope to share a yacht with you in the future bb”

Back in the real world, Rihanna celebrated her big day with rumored love interests Leonardo DiCaprio and Richie Akiva. We like to think she would have rather been making out with Perry on a yacht, though.

I Kissed a Girl,” indeed. Thank you, #fans.